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Susan Ogilvie-Bailey, Founder & CEO

Bailey & Associates provides blended learning and information development solutions to our clients in High TechBanking/ComplianceFinancial ServicesHealth CareHuman Resources and Leadership. We know that today's complex global workplace presents challenges with the way we deliver information most effectively. Our talented consultants and partners leverage their comprehensive knowledge of business requirements, best practices, and technological innovation to help you to design, develop, and implement the most effective educational and documentation solutions for your organization.

Blended Learning presents itself in different mediums to provide flexibility for specific audiences, at specific times, using the most efficient technologies and methodologies for the particular learning objective; Mobile LearningeLearningInstructor-led trainingVirtual classroom. The following services and solutions are all components of Blended Learning:

The firm’s founder, Susan Ogilvie-Bailey, brings over 20 years of business development, marketing, sales, and operational experience with diverse clientele in Silicon Valley, throughout the US and Europe. She created a boutique firm with cutting-edge consultants and partners that are highly responsive and strategically focused. A strong set of ethics, knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas contribute to the overall success of Bailey & Associates.