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At Bailey & Associates we are keenly aware of the demands that emerging technology makes on the content life cycle of most organizations. In addition to offering complete information design, writing, and editing services, we offer the expertise to improve your operational processes using a three-step approach.

  • Process analysis  research and chart tasks, processes and tools within your current organizational structure during the different stages of the content life cycle
  • Process recommendation using analysis results, identify tasks, processes and tools that are not effective in your day to day operations and propose solutions that will improve your organizational efficiencies
  • Process implementation guiding your information development team to implement the recommended solutions, ie; from design to publishing, transitioning to structured XML authoring using the DITA information model and adapting current information development process to an Agile/Scrum development environment

Whether you looking for a complete analysis of your current technological environment or a pool of Senior Writer or Editors, Bailey and Associates is your solution!

Beth Conover
Information Development Director